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the Difference between a trainer and a coach.

A health coach differs from the run-of-the-mill personal trainer in a distinct way. The health coach goes above and beyond standard trainer practices of general training programming and enthusiastic encouragement, elevating the service by operating in the space between preventative and palliative care. The focus on this distinction promotes the longevity of the client.



Unique programs for the unique athlete.

Each athlete’s program is of unique design, whether the athlete has facility access or is on the road, and each movement experience is tailored to the athlete’s desired outcome. From onboarding all the way through long-term strategies, the health coach will instill an understanding of movement for both health and performance, through programming methods that focus on the following:

  • Metabolic capacity

  • Efficiency of stress responses

  • Neurological, metabolic, mechanical and cellular outlook

Ultimately, the right programming will enable you to live the life you want to live. #GetBusyLiving

As a business person and a former professional mixed martial artist I am percipient where I spend my time and resources . In the course of a few short years, Philip has grown in to a trusted friend, valued health coach and mentor. His guidance in the areas of nutrition, movement, physical and mental fitness combined with a  ceaseless commitment to helping me become a functional and healthful athlete have been a pivotal cornerstone of my life. The benefits have been truly astounding and meaningful. 
— Mo
I travel the world with my work as an international metals trader, and having someone who can reset me after these long and stressful trips is great. Coming from the UK and a regular visitor to California I was looking forward to learning new ways to train. Philip’s unique style and deep knowledge transformed my training and ultimately my shape and health.A focus on movement, core strength, range of motion whilst also being fun, I look forward to my training with Philip every time I visit.

We do not have this style of training in the UK and something we on this small island really lack is the deep knowledge and genuine care and attention Philip puts into every client. The techniques are explained well, and simple to follow, many not requiring much equipment. I don’t just have a trainer in California, but also a true friend.

Making personal training an art form, this man and his team are the world’s best.
— NL
In the five years I’ve been working with Philip, my ability to self-monitor and improve my health has increased dramatically.  As a world traveling business person, I appreciate improved awareness of my body’s need for sleep, hydration, movement, and massage; and have found that I am able to stay more healthy and be more effective at work and at home.  Philip regularly checks in on how I’m feeling and shifts our engagement to address spontaneous needs as well as long term goals.

Moreover, Philip lives by his own practices and, as a result, always knows the latest science and applications in the health and fitness world.
— PD
Philip came highly recommended to me by a good friend.  Physical results have been awesome…but it is so much more than that.  He is part health coach, part nutritionist, part motivator, and occasional therapist.  I travel a lot, and use the workouts and guidance when I am traveling and continue to reach new levels of personal bests …it has become integral to my life!
— KT

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